Lauren Kess

I bet you are wondering, who am I and what is my background?

Here you go 🙂

I have a total of 13+ years of coaching experience. 

I was a professional athlete, so I have coached many people through mindset and fear in their athletic journey. I traveled and taught in front of large groups of people on a regular basis. 

From there, I started coaching mindfulness and intuitive development online. My original focus was on energetic and spiritual health and healing, but slowly made the natural pivot to mindful habits when I decided to partner with a company called, Pavlok. 

With Pavlok, I ended up coaching thousands of people on habits, productivity, and mindset over a 3.5 year period. I worked with all customers who purchased a Pavlok wearable device as a part of onboarding, and built and created their original group accountability coaching program. As a crucial part of the program, I was an integral contributor to creating their accountability software still in use today. I also coached all individual entrepreneurs who came through Pavlok on a one-on-one basis. 

In 2020, I created a white label course for Reflectly and Done Apps (Reflectly is one of the largest journaling apps globally) and coached all clients who opted for an in-depth 1×1 call. 

Currently, I run all of the one-on-one mindset calls for Remi Mayer and his program for gym owners, Holosbody. I have been coaching gym owners around the world with him since 2019 and also currently run all of the group mindset calls for their clients.

 As an individual, I coach entrepreneurs and high level business executives one-on-one for habits, productivity and mindset. I have coached men and women in large groups as well as individuals from every kind of culture and background you can imagine! 

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

Another Client Testimonial!

Wow Lauren is next level on facilitating a safe transformation and shift. I felt so safe and her wisdom and guidance ushered me to move out some things that I couldn’t resolve without her help. Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out on your own, book a session with Lauren asap, your future self is waiting for you!
Arica Angelo, Host & Relationship Expert on Bravos “Love Without Borders”


Mindful Habits are they key to major and long-term life changes.


Accountability for the goals that you have, both personal and professional.


Get the epiphanies you need to redirect the focus of your life, health, relationships, and business.

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