Mindset Training for Businesses

Course Duration: 14h

About Course

Full training and course for you and your staff on running mindset calls with clients.

Course Curriculum

Understanding Habits
Habits and environment shape our mindset daily. Learn how working with people's habits can change mindset over time.

Epiphanies and Intuition
Learn how to guide clients into epiphanies by trusting your intuition. Understand how intuition leads you in the right direction to take clients in mindset work.

Positive Psychology
Understanding the effective vs toxic positive psychology

Understanding the Stages of Change
The scientific principle used in psychology of understanding habit change

Emotional Intelligence
Discover how emotions effect habits and mindset. Learn effective techniques to develop a higher level of emotional intelligence.

Handling the Weekly Accountability Check-ins
Find out how to keep clients accountable and build intrinsic motivation.

Goal Setting from a Habit and Mindset Perspective
How to set goals with clients so they make long-term shifts and permanent change.

How to Have Difficult Conversations
Learn specific techniques to navigate deeply personal conversations successfully.

Example of Mindset Shifts: Overwhelmed and Defeated
Watch a recorded mindset call with Lauren and some gym owner clients that were defeated and overwhelmed by their business during difficult pandemic limitations in the Nederlands.

Developing a Solid Base for Mindset Work
Recorded call with Lauren to learn how to set yourself up for success for mindset work with clients.

Intuition, Resonating Words, and Disruptors
Recorded call with Lauren exploring different techniques of intuitive work for mindset calls.

How to Make Your Idea Their Idea: The Backdoor Method
Learn the highly effective "Backdoor Method" with clients who have blocked mindset.

Sign Posts, Epiphanies, and Back Door Method Example
Recorded call with Lauren when different mindset techniques are explored with examples.

Using Habits to Keep Clients Accountable Example 1
Example of habit change effecting mindset

Using Habits to Keep Clients Accountable Example 2
Example call of how to guide clients into using habits for accountability

Self-Sufficiency in Habits: Start Where They’re At
Learn how to understand where your client's mindset is so you have a clear picture of where to start for their success.

Setting Intentions, Reflection, and Release: Tracking Progress and Noting Time
How to help clients keep track of their progress.

Role Play Examples for Backdoor Method Clients
Recorded call role play to dive deeper into the back door method for blocked mindset clients.

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Introducing your Course Instructor, Lauren Kess

seasoned expert in Mindset Habits Productivity

Here's why one entrepreneur trusts Lauren to run all his mindset calls for his business owner clients....

Sure you help people with productivity.

Sure you help people with habits. 

But not only productivity and Habits. 

 You also help people with their mindset and you give them amazing breakthroughs and amazing ah-hah moments that completely change their life forever. 

What is incredible is you can do it with every kind of person, including entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs; mindset is everything; it’s the difference between making thousands to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions….. It’s worth a lot to change their mindset, just like you do with all the MOYG gym owners. 

Some people have money issues, some are afraid of something; whether it be selling, advertising, recording videos….. You are an expert at removing fears. Not just habits, but the mindset. When you are a biz owner, mindset is 80% of the game, strategies are 20%. You really help people with their lives, their business…. Everything. You help people push through their fears, push through their doubts, get out of their comfort zone, and that’s how they get successful.

When I think of you, you’re the “life-changing breakthrough-giving alchemist” in my mind.

Remi Meyer

Founder, Max OUT Your GYM

What others say about , Mindset Training for Business Owners

Hear what business owners & high level executives say about Lauren as a coach...

Looking back I don't think I wanted to hold myself accountable. But I took some tips seriously like drinking water and getting sunshine which transformed my mood from anxious/ self-loathing to more joyful and carefree. I feel more child-like in that sense and don't have to comfort myself with food anymore. I started waking up at the same time which is a big plus, I also started going to the gym at the same time in the evening, which helps me structure my day / tasks around it so I get things done instead of just getting home and browsing on my phone and starting the downward spiral.....
I have a habit, been trying to stop for my entire adult life. I spent about 7 years trying different things to stop, sometimes making progress but ultimately have always ended up not stopping for good. In the six weeks since starting to work with Lauren in the her group program, I’ve made more progress in stopping my habit than in the previous 7 years. Before, I would take a fragmented approach on breaking the habit. For a while, I tracked triggers and moods. Then I joined an accountability group. Then I tried rewarding myself if I did well. Then I tried aversion training. Putting it all together into one package is what really works. For me the biggest factor in my success has been the idea of replacing an old habit with a new one. For a long time I’ve been trying to create a morning routine, and using the old habit loop as a springboard for that has allowed me to actually get one to stick. SO not only do you get to break a bad habit, you get to form a new one and put yourself miles ahead of where you were before. Another huge aspect is the group being there to support everyone else. Knowing that there are other people breaking bad habits and encouraging each other is incredibly helpful. It makes you want to do better for yourself and the group, giving a little extra push. As for working with Lauren as the coach, I can’t recommend her enough. She’s very accessible and responds to every question, constantly finding things that will help you to find success. As a program, it’s been great so far and if nothing has worked for you in terms of breaking your habits, if you’re anything like me it’ll be the last thing. It takes all the individual pieces of breaking a habit and puts them together in a way that builds on itself. I would absolutely recommend that you take the step and make the program work for you to finally change.
I felt very stagnant. I was constantly irritated, angered, exhausted and just felt stuck in Life in general. After my first individual session with Lauren, I could not believe the weight that was lifted and I felt a renewed sense of hope and direction. Overall, my experience with Lauren has been extremely positive and I have already referred friends and family! I would encourage anyone to give this a try, especially if they are feeling “stuck” in any aspect of their Life. While, there is still work to do, I find that I have a lot more energy to be productive in Life again!”
Busy Mom & Wife
Lauren is a Productivity and Habits coach that helps entrepreneurs make the most out of their time so they can skyrocket their businesses! After speaking with her for half an hour on Saturday, I've had the most productive week of my life (and the week's only half over)! If you're having trouble with time management, concentration, or productivity, reach out to her.... she's worth every penny and much more!
Sohail Chatur
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