Mindset Training for Businesses

14 hours

About Course

Full training and course for you and your staff on running mindset calls with clients.

What Will I Learn?

  • Get a clear understanding of using habits for mindset change
  • Clear techniques to use for mindset call
  • Understand how to run mindset calls successfully
  • Learn how to use habits and accountability for mindset shifts

Topics for this course

14 hours

Understanding Habits

Epiphanies and Intuition

Positive Psychology

Understanding the Stages of Change

Emotional Intelligence

Handling the Weekly Accountability Check-ins

Goal Setting from a Habit and Mindset Perspective

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Example of Mindset Shifts: Overwhelmed and Defeated

Developing a Solid Base for Mindset Work

Intuition, Resonating Words, and Disruptors

How to Make Your Idea Their Idea: The Backdoor Method

Sign Posts, Epiphanies, and Back Door Method Example

Using Habits to Keep Clients Accountable Example 1

Using Habits to Keep Clients Accountable Example 2

Self-Sufficiency in Habits: Start Where They’re At

Setting Intentions, Reflection, and Release: Tracking Progress and Noting Time

Role Play Examples for Backdoor Method Clients