Mindset & Habits Done-For-You Program for Business Owners

Done-For-You Program

Simplify Success

This done-for-you service is designed to take the difficulty out of habit and mindset coaching with your clients. Lauren will do the heavy lifting for you by running weekly mindset & habit formation calls with the option of customized accountability groups so you can focus on what you do best!

Get the mindset support your clients need to guarantee your program’s success over the long term.

Done-For-You Accountability

This program is designed to take the difficulty out of breakthrough habit and mindset sessions with your clients by having Lauren do the initial mindset & habit formation calls for you with the option of customized accountability groups managed by Lauren for your clients.

Increase Revenue

Client success equals client retainment. Keeping your clients long-term means they are more likely to upgrade to more expensive programs and share their success with friends and family.

Private Group Calls

Mindset is a key component to client success when it comes to health and fitness changes or business growth. Get your client's mindset on track while strengthening group dynamics. Your group gets weekly calls with only your clientele.

Perfect for Gym Owners

Let's face it. Physical and health transformation is successful long-term when the clients not only change their habits, but the mental and emotional elements that contributed to their unhealthy lifestyle. Your clients will get a deeper understanding of how to change habits for long-term success as well as critical tools to keep them on track when they are most likely to sabotage themselves. 

Solid Plan for Success

Save time by having Lauren do the mindset and accountability work for you. Collaborate together to have a solid plan for your client's success. Where mindset, self-sabotage, and negative stress habits no longer limits the amount of success you have with your clients. 

Call Recording

The call with Lauren is done over zoom and recorded for your client's reference and convenience. They will be posted in a private YouTube playlist so they can view them and reference them anytime.

Accountability Groups Tailored for Your Clientele

Option to utilize habit building accountability groups monitored by Lauren to keep your clients on track during the critical stages of new habit formation. 

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