Have you found yourself in the same habit and mindset pattern again? listen up.....

If you're finally ready to end the cycle of:

Then it's time you learn how to master success habits

If I just had more willpower.....

It takes more than just willpower and working hard to break out of inefficient habits and build powerful ones….

Willpower is a finite resource, and as entrepreneurs, we feel we have an endless supply of it.

However, the amount we have depends on how much energy we have. If our energy levels are depleted, then taking action and sticking to it is beyond difficult, it’s near impossible.

Sometimes, we find ourselves highly motivated only to be bogged down by next steps, fire-extinguisher to-do lists, and busy tasks that have to get done but get us…. nowhere.

The trouble most entrepreneurs and leaders have sticking to habits of success is they try to change too many things at once and no one really holds them accountable. 

This makes sticking to a new way of leading more and more difficult and one bump in the road….. leads to a complete relapse into old, routine patterns and emotional overwhelm. 

Most entrepreneurs and leaders describe their negative leadership patterns as reactive, overwhelming, and anxious. In other words, by the time they realize they are doing their negative leadership patterns, it’s already too late.

While many entrepreneurs and leaders maintain their game face, they neglect their own personal needs to be in top form. Sadly, it’s the last thing on their priority list. But I know you’re different. You want to finally overcome these  pitfalls. That’s why you’re here! 

  • You want to be more consistent with your habits for your own well-being.
  • You want to shift your negative leadership patterns into positive ones that are sustainable.
  • You want to be mindful of your time and energy so you can stop runaway, counter-productive patterns before they start. 
  •  You want to enjoy your business AND your life again…….

Hi! I'm Coach Lauren 🙂

I've been a habits, productivity, and mindset coach for close to 9 years. I have helped thousands of people just like you break bad habits and build positive ones, become more productive, and overcome mindset barriers that have been keeping them stuck in old patterns for years.

With the proper guidance of a seasoned habits & mindset coach, this pattern can be a thing of the past, and building mindful, positive habits can feel..... EASY.

That's why I created the:


One-on-One Accountability Program.

Inside the PPE Program you will get instant access to…..

One-on-one accountability with Lauren with daily check-ins to keep you on track with your goals. Consistent support even on your toughest days.

12 one-on-one recorded coaching calls with Lauren so you get personalized guidance and support to ensure you make lasting change and keep your motivation high.With Lauren’s experience to guide you, she will show you step-by-step exactly how to reach your goals with the accountability you need to attain them.

Proven tools, apps, guides, and workbooks to keep you productive, emotionally healthy, and on track for your success habit goals.

Plus bonuses....

Access to the Habits and Mindset course to teach you the science behind your habits and how they affect your mindset and goal attainment.

Optional access to one of the Habits, Productivity, and Mindset Groups to be among peers who inspire, motivate, and support you in your success journey.

Lauren can get you connected with businesses and business leaders that can help your growth. Just ask her and she will get you connected! 

Stop wasting time. If you could figure it out on your own you would have done it already.

So…. are you in?

Why this decision is so powerful...

Before meeting Lauren I struggled to wake up on time and have productive habits. She helped me understand my motivations and figured out how to organize my life in a way that I have more time for me. Now, I wake up earlier, I can focus on my work, and I still have time for my hobbies and other positive habits. She really helped me organize my life.

Join us inside the PPE Program and finally break the negative patterns.

Save $300 by paying in full (regular $3300 ). Or use the option to make payments. We are here to help you succeed!

Don't waste any more time trying to figure this all out on your own.....

Lauren is a Productivity and Habits coach that helps entrepreneurs make the most out of their time so they can skyrocket their businesses! After speaking with her for half an hour on Saturday, I've had the most productive week of my life (and the week's only half over)! If you're having trouble with time management, concentration, or productivity, reach out to her.... she's worth every penny and much more!
Sohail Chatur
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