Vedic Astrology Transit Reading

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Vedic Astrology Transit Reading


1 hour long call covering your Vedic sidereal astrological birth chart and current planetary transits.


Learn how the planetary transits are affecting you and your life.

My “Vedic Astrology Transit Reading” is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of their lives, and have a clearer idea how to navigate the energies of the planets and how they influence our lives. Get a clear path to navigate them so you can work with the energies in your favor and be prepared for the ones that are not.

  • Understand the basic elements of your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.
  • Get a clear idea of what planets are influencing you more heavily and how.
  • Learn when, what, and how the planets are influencing you currently.
  • Know exactly what to focus on when to maximize the planetary energy coming your way.
  • Get a clearer idea of timing for career, relationship, and life events.
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