Arica Angelo, Host & Relationship Expert on Bravos “Love Without Borders”

Wow Lauren is next level on facilitating a safe transformation and shift. I felt so safe and her wisdom and guidance ushered me to move out some things that I couldn’t resolve without her help. Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out on your own, book a session with Lauren asap, your future self is waiting for you!

Neela, Busy Mom & Wife

I felt very stagnant. I was constantly irritated, angered, exhausted and just felt stuck in Life in general. After my first individual session with Lauren, I could not believe the weight that was lifted and I felt a renewed sense of hope and direction. Overall, my experience with Lauren has been extremely positive and I have already referred friends and family! I would encourage anyone to give this a try, especially if they are feeling “stuck” in any aspect of their Life. While, there is still work to do, I find that I have a lot more energy to be productive in Life again!”
"I have now worked with Coach Lauren for over six months. Having worked with other executive coaches, including some that charge over $50,000 a year for executive coaching, I can testify that Lauren is a top tier executive behavioral coach. I could not recommend her more highly. I came to her because I was struggling with productivity and motivation at work, as well as detrimentally using internet pornography. She helped me to understand the true source of my issues, break old habit patterns, establish healthy new ones, and to become dramatically more productive and motivated. In fact, during our time working together I signed and closed the largest acquisition of my 20-year career. I can recommend her for any issue that you need to work on. She listens non-judgmentally and is uniquely gifted to help with both personal and professional issues."
Investor & Fund Manager

Ivan, Programmer

Before meeting Lauren I struggled to wake up on time and have productive habits. She helped me understand my motivations and figured out how to organize my life in a way that I have more time for me. Now, I wake up earlier, I can focus on my work, and I still have time for my hobbies and other positive habits. She really helped me organize my life.

Hadi, Student

Looking back I don't think I wanted to hold myself accountable. But I took some tips seriously like drinking water and getting sunshine which transformed my mood from anxious/ self-loathing to more joyful and carefree. I feel more child-like in that sense and don't have to comfort myself with food anymore. I started waking up at the same time which is a big plus, I also started going to the gym at the same time in the evening, which helps me structure my day / tasks around it so I get things done instead of just getting home and browsing on my phone and starting the downward spiral.....
I didn't realize all the opportunities I was missing being sub-optimally productive. For example, I hadn't made sales calls myself in the last three years - because I just didn't have time. Post, Lauren I pitched a prospect whom I had been meaning to call for years, and closed a six-figure deal with a dream client. The feedback from the client, "your team did so much more than all your competitors to understand our business and show you could do the work." That all happened because under the new system I made time for important, but non-urgent tasks that used to get missed."
Gajan Retnasaba
Founder & CEO of Spiralyze
I have a habit, been trying to stop for my entire adult life. I spent about 7 years trying different things to stop, sometimes making progress but ultimately have always ended up not stopping for good. In the six weeks since starting to work with Lauren in the her group program, I’ve made more progress in stopping my habit than in the previous 7 years. Before, I would take a fragmented approach on breaking the habit. For a while, I tracked triggers and moods. Then I joined an accountability group. Then I tried rewarding myself if I did well. Then I tried aversion training. Putting it all together into one package is what really works. For me the biggest factor in my success has been the idea of replacing an old habit with a new one. For a long time I’ve been trying to create a morning routine, and using the old habit loop as a springboard for that has allowed me to actually get one to stick. SO not only do you get to break a bad habit, you get to form a new one and put yourself miles ahead of where you were before. Another huge aspect is the group being there to support everyone else. Knowing that there are other people breaking bad habits and encouraging each other is incredibly helpful. It makes you want to do better for yourself and the group, giving a little extra push. As for working with Lauren as the coach, I can’t recommend her enough. She’s very accessible and responds to every question, constantly finding things that will help you to find success. As a program, it’s been great so far and if nothing has worked for you in terms of breaking your habits, if you’re anything like me it’ll be the last thing. It takes all the individual pieces of breaking a habit and puts them together in a way that builds on itself. I would absolutely recommend that you take the step and make the program work for you to finally change.
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